Specialty Dating Sites

One of the popular trends in online dating is the addition of many new specialty dating sites. These sites cater to a smaller, more defined demographic than the larger, more mainstream sites. The pluses and minuses to such sites are easy to see; these sites are more likely to contain only a certain subset of people, but their numbers are fewer, so you have fewer opportunities to find love. Naturally, fewer members also mean you may have to travel further to meet your dates or conduct more of the relationship online before meeting. Despite these drawbacks, specialty sites can still be a good choice if you are truly committed to dating only one particular type of person and feel the mainstream sites are a waste of your time and resources.Specialty Dating Sites

One type of niche dating site is those developed for a specific ethnicity. Naturally, there are sites aimed at those who specifically want to pursue an interracial relationship – you plug in your racial information and what you are looking for, and are matched with those of the race you seek who are looking for someone of your race. There are other sites aimed at only one specific ethnicity, however, such as Latin-only or Asian-only sites. This makes sense for someone of a minority race who is certain they only want to date within their own race. For example, it may be the easiest way for someone of Asian heritage who lives in Alabama, to meet others of Asian heritage.

There are also sites aimed at single parents. This can be very convenient for those daters who want to get around the hassle of emailing back and forth with others only to discover that many of their matches do not want children or do not wish to date a single parent. Having a site for single parents helps them find one another more quickly, and provides an atmosphere of acceptance.

For those who seek a partner of a specific religion, there are numerous dating sites aimed at different religious faiths. These sites are a good option for those who absolutely do not want to date outside their own religion, and who make religion a top priority for choosing a mate. There are sites aimed at Christians in general, Catholics in particular, Jews, Muslims, and so on.

There are also sites directed toward such specific niches as bikers, geeks, military, BBW (big beautiful women), athletic people, or even people with long hair. Obviously, the drawbacks of such sites are that they may limit your options quite significantly, but they can be fun to explore. If a certain lifestyle or type of person is extremely important to you in dating, then it certainly doesn’t hurt to try these sites.

There is even a site created for people who carry the herpes virus. It may sound shocking or even amusing, but once again, this may make sense for many people. Those who find traditional dating and the moment of “confessing” their situation to be awkward, embarrassing, or just too much trouble, may find solace in a site like this where everyone shares the same problem. Without the worries of how or when to tell their partners, daters on this site can simply enjoy getting to know one another. One drawback, of course, is that many may feel shy about posting their pictures or giving out too much-identifying information on this site.

Specialty dating sites do have fewer members and usually a more limited selection, but offer the benefit of helping you find someone who fits very specific criteria. In general, a good rule to remember is that if you are willing to date someone who does not fit these criteria, then staying on a mainstream site is probably best for you. However, if you have a very set idea of what you want and absolutely will not date anyone outside of a particular race, religion, or lifestyle, then a specialty dating site might be right for you.

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