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Chance of getting a date 5stars
Customer service 5stars
Protect privacy5stars
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PositiveSingles App: Best Way to Find for Perfect Love
PositiveSingles App is the number one and original STI/STD dating app for all those singles out there who live with HSV-2 or genital herpes. Searching for a perfect love or a perfect partner especially when one has a herpes condition is quite difficult. The good thing is that PositiveSingles already have supported and helped a lot of shy people to express their emotions and feelings.

Exceptional Features
Through this app, a member will have an instant access to the impressive and great features like a pattern lock that protects the privacy of a particular person and prevents unwanted key press. In addition to that, let’s meet feature matches users and a private album authorizes others of viewing the private album.
Moreover, the blog and forum feature is by far the biggest and most active forum and blog for positive singles.  The browse feature also lets one search for a match highlighting the specified criteria while the chat room allows one to chat online.positivesingles app

Free Gold Membership
Prior to the free gold membership, one would be able to enjoy sharing safety and dating advice tips, proposing the quality suggestion, promoting and sharing the site on the social media websites, writing promotional articles and press releases, recommending the site to partners of other sites.

Gold Membership
With gold membership, members will enjoy it more chatting and emailing with others. These have been considered as the best communication tools that help break the ice for dating. There is just a need to choose from the gold membership service at PositiveSingles app.

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  • 1 Month Subscription along with an Auto-Renewal- 33.99 dollars
  • 3 month subscription- 69.99 dollars
  • 6 month subscription-109.99 dollars


  • Reduces Pressure and Stress

PositiveSingles helps people who are feeling hesitant and nervous of interacting with different people. Single people with herpes could feel completely relieved sending their email messages to their potential matches.

  • Prevent Embarrassments

PositiveSingles avoids embarrassment in two different ways. First, this eliminates rejection thoughts by someone. Second, this also allows the person to express himself or herself of whatever he or she is struggling with.

  • Allows Members to Meet Other People

The PositiveSingles will give you an opportunity of meeting a wider community of people, exploring like-minded people with herpes and enhancing their vista.

  • Compatibility

PositiveSingles also increases compatibility aspect in two different ways. First, there will be a wide pool of candidates that could be found in this dating app. This app will offer several filters that could help herpes singles meet good people. Second, this online dating app surpasses some traditional methods of dating since herpes singles could find their chosen matches.

  • Better Connectivity Personally

This PositiveSingles offers the opportunity for herpes singles to explore more about the true personalities of people.  The picture on the profile will only give you an idea about their physical appearance.

So far, this app has no known negative feature or aspect that sets it different from other apps.

Final Verdict
The PositiveSingles App is the best app for singles especially those who have herpes struggles. They can have the chance of finding their perfect love and long lasting partner with ease and convenience.



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