How to Get a Girl to Notice You?

How to get a girl to notice you are not really a difficult task if you learn the right way and then implement it accordingly. Dating is just a game and you need to learn the rules and guidelines to win it over. There are overall five senses which our senses of smell, sight, taste, listen and feel. All you need is to learn how you can use these senses and how to get a girl to notice you.How to Get a Girl to Notice You


The sense of smell is very important to tool if you are eager to learn how to get a girl to notice you. Girls are really aroused by the sexy and hot cologne and perfumes which are worn by guys today. So if you don’t have a sexy smell then get one before you go on a date or you would be around the girl. It is very important for girls that men should smell very nice and elegant. She would want to hang around with you if you can arouse her with the right smell.


You need to appear good for women when they see you. Remember the way you dress up and the way you carry yourself plays an important role for women in analyzing you. So if you haven’t yet looked at your appearance yet then it’s about time you get going and arrange a whole new set of wardrobe so that you can impress them with your looks


Girls are also very particular about the way guys smell when they speak. If you have got a bad breath then make sure you get the right mouthwash or mouth fresheners with yourself. It is very essential that you smell and taste good or else not even a single girl would want to kiss you ever. Even if she does for the first time she would not be bothered the second time ever.


Women would want to feel comfortable and respected whenever they are around a certain man. So give them respect and make them feel the center of attention. They would want to feel secure at all times.


You need to start listening to girls if you really want to know how to get a girl to notice you. She would really be tempted by you if you give her time and listen to her thoughts and emotions carefully.

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