» Click Here to Visit is a fantastic new sexually explicit dating site that really lets you explore your sexual passions. If you are looking for hookups and only hookups, then this site is for you. People looking to get into serious relationships and the like should look to sites like or’s very easy to use the site and with a little luck, you will be getting tons of emails from available members. Statistics show that dating sites don’t work perfectly in your favor 100% of the time but if you send out 10 messages, you are bound to get at least one reply back from a real person you are interested in.


With this site, you can search the members database (big plus), upload pics, send flirts to other members, get full audio and video support, email and real time chat, get to build a hotlist of your favorite members and you can also block people and see who’s online! This wonderful combination of features, plus the fact that the site has tons of registered members make one of the best newcomer sites around. This site has brought in a lot of new blood, a lot of people who are new to the sex dating scene.

You can upload multiple pics of yourself and show people that you mean business. There are instant messaging features supported by the site, so starting conversations with the membership base is easy. The audio and camera chat is really fun and popular. Out of around 100 emails during a test run, there were 15 successful audio and cam hookups. Not too bad for a night of online fun.

Out of the first 130 emails a random test subject sent out on this site, he got back 47 serious replies, 23 real life dates and 17 real life hookups. Of course, your mileage may vary. The ratio of girls to guys on this site is 2 guys to every 1 girl. But that didn’t stop our test subject from getting pretty incredible results! It won’t affect your performance either, just keep your head up. Other dating review sites have had the same results as the above, with many successful hookups and sexual encounters. just works well for what it is.

We can almost guarantee that you will have the same successful results as the test subjects. It’s very easy to get started, so why not get the ball rolling now? Or you can read on to get a little more information about the site.

Usability / Interface

The interface and usability of is similar to that of most other dating sites. Easy to use, easy to understand and easy to get the hang of! If you have ever used any of the other dating sites on the Web, learning to use this one will be a snap. It has all the basic features that most other sites have with the added bonus of doling out real sexual experiences.

Search for members, view profiles, create your own amazing profile, send winks and nudges, email all the members and more is included in the paid membership package. A free member won’t be able to set up a sexual encounter because they can’t message each other, so getting a paid membership is highly recommended.


The cost for a subscription here is $27+ for one month. Not too bad considering other sites cost twice as much and you don’t get immediate action. Many people have reported really good results with this site and we highly recommend it. There are a lot of scam dating sites on the Internet but this isn’t one of them. This site will teach you how to talk to women and develop sexy physical relationships. Most of the women on this site just want to get it on and that’s it. So if that’s what you’re looking for, then rejoice because you found it.

There have been countless thousands of hookups from people getting together on this site and you could be one of them. Granted, it doesn’t have as many people as say but at least they won’t ask you to pay the bills!

Give this site a try for a month and we guarantee that you will find your experience interesting to say the least! That’s what this site is all about and they do what they do well! Good luck!

» Click Here to Visit

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