How to Create a Great Online Dating Profile

Your individual profile will have a huge impact on your online dating success, which is why we have decided to put together our top tips to get you the maximum gain:dating profile

1、Pick your profile picture carefully. It’s very easy to just grab a picture from your collection and post it without much thought, however by making sure it’s the right one or taking a new picture for this sole purpose can make a huge impact. Your picture needs to be recent (it’s simply misleading posting a picture that was taken 10 years ago!) and needs to reflect an honest image of your appearance today. It’s not a good idea to wear sunglasses or hats as this can hide your features and people want to see your face!! Most importantly, you also want to look approachable and happy; people want to date others that look like they have fun and enjoy themselves, so smiles all round please!!

2、Be honest and up-front about what you are looking for. If you are looking for a long lasting relationship and are ready to think about settling down then say so; if it’s not clear what kind of relationship you are after then you could easily attract people who are looking for completely different things.

3、Write descriptively about your personality and interests rather than just listing them; it’s far more interesting and insightful to read something that someone has taken the time to write than reading a shopping list!

4、Keep your profile fresh and current by adding pictures and information as often as you can. It’s also worth changing your profile picture if interest seems to be slow or slowing down because a new picture can attract new faces that may have missed you before.

5、Finally, always tell the truth! It can be very tempting to embellish your interests and hobbies to make yourself appear more interesting and to attract more people, however the whole point of online dating is to meet like minded people with similar interests and you will be unable to hold up the pretence for long and any new relationship that starts will fizzle out in no time if you have lied about anything from the start. Honesty is the only policy!

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