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Chance of getting a date 5stars
Customer service 5stars
Protect privacy5stars
Value for money5stars


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Age Match app is considered as the number one age gap dating application that could help develop established relationships with older women who are dating younger men and vice versa. This is also the most effective, biggest and first ever app meant for age gap dating. This is by far intended for those people who like to enter in a relationship with one who is younger or significantly older than they are.

Exceptional Features
This app enables you to enjoy using the features like comprehensive profile with pictures. The most favorite profiles could also be added to the list. In addition to that, the e-mail system on the site could be used to be able to send all those personalized messages. Another impressive feature is the opportunity to chat with dating counselors and getting tips prior to finding the most ideal match.

Free Membership
Those who have been standard members and who have already signed up for free will be able to attain the so-called basic membership. The impressive thing is that you could become a free member for a lifetime. You will never have restrictions in using it for a limited duration. In fact, you will be able to upload twenty-six photographs right through the profile.
In addition to that, you may become a part of the community and you may post questions and reply to comments.

Gold Membership
This will simply introduce you to a lot of benefits. This will also help you settle your emails including the so-called wink filter. In addition to that, you will avoid any younger women and older men from calling you by any means. Once you have upgraded your account to gold membership, your chats could now be verified.

The pricing for membership is enlisted below:

  • One-month membership that costs 29.94 dollars (1 dollar every day). This will entitle you to a saving of 25%
  • Three-month membership that costs 59.95 dollars (19.95 dollars every month). This will entitle you to a saving of 50%
  • Six-month membership that costs 95.95 dollars (15.95 dollars every month). This will entitle you to a saving of 60%


  • Members can join this app for free creating a more comprehensive personal profile with a clearer and more detailed picture.
  • Members of this app allow some winks to shows of your interest to some other members of this app.
  • In this app, members are allowed to maintain their own lists of interested profiles and know some other person to be added on their list.
  • Get tips and chat with some persons whom you are interested with.
  • Send some greetings for free.
  • Participate to some forum discussions happening in some forum pages in this app.
  • Keeping tab on those people who are continuously viewing your profile.
  • Checking latest activities of the user.

So far, there is no any issue that could be linked to Age Match app as this is simply the best app for members interested in age gap dating.

Final Verdict
The Age Match App is the best age gap dating the application for matured and quality singles that are more open to dating women and men of considerably older ages. There will be an enjoyable journey all throughout for those members looking for love, compassion, romantic endeavors including healthy relationship.


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